Side-Yard Appeal Can Help Sell Your Home

I’m sure you’ve heard of curb appeal but what about side-yard appeal? Sellers that have side yards may be squirming right now as they look for the fastest way to change the topic. Yes, side-yard appeal matters too and those often slim, tucked away (to the side of the house, of course) areas can be charming and appealing like the allure of your home from the curb should be when you put it on the market.

“It’s a tiny, long area…what on earth can I do with it other than store my trash cans and garden tools there?”

Glad you asked! Here are a few options that make the yard not only more appealing but likely can help sell your home faster.

Go Zen. If you like to have a peaceful place to sneak away and steal a few quiet moments to yourself, how about creating a zen garden? Not much space is needed, just a bit of creative design. Zen gardens typically have some sort of water feature. A small fountain, along with a bench, will do and will create a peaceful environment to use for your daily meditations. I have a stone carved bench that I love. Etched in it is a wonderful saying, “If tears could form a stairway and memories a lane, I’d walk right up to Heaven and bring you home again.” This is a favorite piece in my yard. Couple that with some fragrant blooming flowers and you have a delightfully pleasant space to unwind.

Work it out. An outdoor work space can be the perfect place to get things done. Plant some colorful flowers, shrubs, and vines. In the side yard, many can be trimmed to a narrow shape to allow room for a work table. Also consider adding some sort of covering for the space where you will be working. On hot summer days when the sun is beating down, you’ll appreciate a canopy to block out some of the sun.

A hideaway nook. If you get morning sunshine in your side yard, how about a little breakfast spot? Place a cute little table and some small chairs there. Create a welcoming environment with some beautiful flowers and whimsical yard décor. Here’s where those nifty outdoor knicknack items you find while on vacation can find a home. A tall mirror strategically placed can surprisingly magnify your space.

The practical side. Even a practical side yard can be appealing. Invest in a small tool shed and, if you’re artistic, paint the outside to match the theme of the side yard. Even trash cans and recycle bins can be decorated to make them actually attractive and more than just functional. A small chair or two can be useful in this area and if you buy some that have a unique look, you can create an eclectic and charming side yard that’s also practical.

Most of all, tend to the side yard. Don’t let it get overgrown with weeds or become the dumping ground for all the items you can’t find a place to store. Keeping the side yard clean and appealing will help you when it comes time to sell your home.