• Agent Commission Structure
  • Residual Income Program
  • Training
  • Team Concept
  • HomeStarr vs Your Brokerage
  • 70-30% split Commission example

Imagine if you worked for a company and made $80,000 a year. I say to you “You have been doing a great job for this company and we want to give you a raise. Your income will increase by 15% and all you have to do is exactly what you are doing for us now.” You would be so excited.

This is EXACTLY what I am offering you at Homestarr Realty.

Commissions are paid on 90-10% split of an agent’s gross commission. When the agent’s 10% payment to HomeStarr Realty totals $12,000, the agent then earns 100% of their gross commission. The $12,000 limit resets to zero on each agent’s annual anniversary date. At the beginning of each month every agent will pay HomeStarr Realty a $150 fee. HomeStarr Realty provides the following:

  • Errors and Omission insurance yearly
  • FREE Mentoring Program
  • FREE Tool Kit Access (ON-line CMAs,Flyers,marketing presentations)
  • PAR Legal Forms for all contracts
  • Zip Forms for your computer
  • Yard Signs to advertise your listings
  • Company Envelopes and large Envelopes
  • Presentation Folders
  • In-house printer and copier use
  • In-house Appointment Center to set up showings on listings
  • Showing Feedback Forms emailed to buyer’s agents
  • Broker and office assistance and support
  • Monthly Agreements and Marketing training and assistance
  • Mobile Office support
  • Helium Balloons for Open House signs
  • Individual Broker support for contract concerns and issues

In addition to your earned commission income, HomeStarr offers each agent a Residual Income Program. When you recruit a new agent into the office, you will earn 50% of that agent’s sales commission paid to HomeStarr Realty. The residual income will stay continuous for the term of the new agent. Also, there is no limit to the number of agents you can recruit.

The Residual Program was designed so agents can earn additional income from every agent they recruit. Why work for a Brokerage which does not reward their agents for helping them grow the company.

Here is how it works:

You are currently working at Homestarr Realty and you talk to Agent A (we will call this agent Mary) about all the benefits Homestarr offers their agents. Shortly thereafter Mary contacts the Broker of Homestarr and discusses the details of what Homestarr provides their agents. Mary decides to join Homestarr Realty. Now, you have Mary as your RECRUITED agent and you begin collecting monies from Mary’s settlements. You will earn 50% of the Gross Sales Commissions that Homestarr Realty collects.

Example of Mary’s settlements:
Every agent at Homestarr Realty earns 90% of their commissions. 10% of the Gross Commissions are paid to Homestarr with a cap of $12,000. Mary gross commission income totals $60,000.

Mary earns 90%= $54,000.00
Homestarr earns 10% (6,000 but 50% goes to you)= 3,000.00
You EARN 50% of the 10% HSR collected= 3,000.00
TOTAL= 60,000.00

If you were to recruit 7 agents in one year and they produced at Mary’s level, YOU WILL EARN AN ADDITIONAL $21,000 THAT YEAR AND EVERY YEAR THEREAFTER. Let’s say you recruit an additional 4 agents next year at the Mary’s level. You just earned an ADDITIONAL $12,000. So in your second year at Homestarr Realty you will be earning an additional $33,000 A YEAR.

Keep in mind that this residual income is SUPPLEMENTAL to your Real Estate Business. And you are STILL earning 90% of every closing.

The additional income possibilities are endless.
Example: If you were to recruit 20 agents at Mary’s level in a period of 4 years, your income would be $60,000. And you did not even sell a home.

Homestarr Realty is a Real Estate company that wants to see their agents MAKE MORE MONEY.


1. New agent Training – Directed towards the “brand” New Real Estate agent preparing to start their new business and those experienced agents preparing to re-invent themselves. It is a 7 step program educating agents on how to be a Professional Real Estate Agent.

2. Directed Training – This class offers training on Agreement of Sales, Listing Contracts, CMA Presentations, Addenda to all agreements, and processings of Short sales. Detail oriented class providing explainations and examples how these forms will benefit your Buyers or Sellers.

3. Mentoring Program – 8 Step program teaching Agents how to market their business to any level the individual agent chooses to exceed. First 6 steps are how to generated business without spending money. Last two steps offer different techniques of paid advertising and farming avenues.

Each class is offered once per month during the week and repeated twice that day. First session is at 9:30am at the Bensalem Office and then repeated at 7pm at the Warminster Office. All training classes are available Live On-Line with your option to interact.

Here is an example as to how the team concept will work for a Team Leader. Agents name is TED. He is also considered your referred agent. So you will also earn 50% of what the house collects in commission as well.

$325,000 house sold with a 2.5% commission to Buyer’s agent.
Gross Commission: $8,125.00


Homestarr Realty: 10% = 812.50 – 406.25 (50% to Team Leader for residual income) = 406.25
You EARN = 50% of the Homestarr commission earning = 406.25


Team Leader charges a 30% referral fee (or whatever you choose to charge. It can vary by commission earned, agent production or agent experience. This is up to the team leader)

Ted = 8125 * 90% = 7312.50 – 30% referral fee (2193.75) = 5118.75

Team Leader (YOU) = collect 30% referral fee = 2193.75

Homestarr Realty = $406.25

Ted = $5118.75

YOU EARN = $2600.00

You can charge whatever you choose as a referral fee, New agent, charge them 50%, They would be thrilled to have business, Experienced agent, charge them 30%, The decision is yours, You are the TEAM LEADER.

This is a great way for team agents to earn more money and have the Team Leaders focus on marketing, All training will be completed by Homestarr Realty and each closing will be managed, All you need to do is GET MORE BUSINESS,

Homestarr Realty is a Real Estate company that wants to see their agents MAKE MORE MONEY.


This example is based on you collecting 100% of your sales commissions but paying a monthly fee of $1300 to your current Broker. Also, this is based on you earning $70,000 a year in gross earnings or approximately 2.5 Million in sales volume.

Your Current Brokerage: 
Total Gross Income= $70,000.00
Yearly monthly rent (1300 x 12)= – 15,600.00
Total gross income profit= $54,400.00
HomeStarr Realty 
Total Gross Income= $70,000.00
10% HSR expense= 7,000.00
150 monthly fee (x 12)= 1,800.00
Total gross income profit= $61,200.00

At Homestarr Realty you do not have to pay large monthly bills. Your 10% H5R expense is based on your production. 50 if you have NO settlements for two months you only paid $300 to H5R. At your current Brokerage you paid $2600. Which is easier to pay? Base your expenses on your production. It will dramatically improve your cash flow.

If you switched to Homestarr Realty, in this example, you would have earned an additional $6,800 and improved your cash flow position. And the only expense incurred to make the change is the purchase of Business Cards.

Increase your income and improve your cash flow and see how much more productive you can be. And take advantage of the Residual Income Program and watch your income soar.

Homestarr Realty is a Real Estate company that wants to see their agents MAKE MORE MONEY.


With your current Brokerage (assuming a 70-30 split)

This example is based off of $2,000,000 in Gross Sales or selling the 6 homes listed.
SettlementGross Commission70/30 your CO.90/10 Homestarr
$250,000 house @ 2.5%$6,250.0070% = $4375 to you
30% = $1875 to them
90% = $5625 to you
10% = $625 to HSR

    Find out how much your closing costs could be.